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Constant vigilance is an investment we must make in keeping the business climate in New York as hospitable as possible for our industry.

It’s more than two years into the pandemic, and we all want to get back to work and help the economy prosper. But New York state and city governments continue to draft bills and regulations that hinder business. Two examples are below:

New York State Assembly Bill A766

Lien Bill: This would allow temporary employees to place a lien on assets of not only their employer but also their supervisor, based on an unproven allegation of improper payment. The only recourse for the employer or supervisor would be to file a lawsuit.

NYSA is working to require that the claim first be brought to the Department of Labor, where the merits of the allegation can be evaluated.

New York City and New York State AI Bills

New York City has passed a bill that goes into effect next year. New York State has also introduced AI bills at the Senate and Assembly levels.

AI Bill: The bills, as currently drafted, require that any business using AI recruiting software (such as indeed, Bullhorn, LinkedIn and others) must conduct an annual audit of all its software products, to ascertain no implicit bias.

NYSA is working with the bill’s proposers to require the audit be done by the software companies, not by the software users.

For over 25 years NYSA has defended our industry against unsound, counterproductive laws and regulations. Many times we have managed to eliminate bills that could have been very costly to our members. In other cases, we’ve managed to negotiate substantial exemptions or changes. For example, last year we got staffing firms exempt from complying with the salary posting bill which would have required salaries in all job posts for temporary positions. If these bills had passed, they would have been burdensome, cost each firm thousands of dollars in operating expenses and possible legal fees.

Now the challenge is greater and your help is needed even more. The New York State Legislature as well as the NYC City Council have become less and less friendly toward business and the economic growth we deliver. The only way to counteract this trend is to be vigilant and to keep telling our story as the “jobs people.” We hired an excellent new lobbying firm to represent us not only with the State Legislature and Governor’s office, but the NYC Council and Mayor’s office as well.

They have made an urgent plea for us to increase our PAC fund so that we can use it liberally both at the state and NYC level. That is why we are reaching out to you to please consider donating again this year.

To accomplish this, we have had to change the format of industry leader contributions from past years. Because NYC and the federal government require personal contributions, while NYS allows corporate contributions, the personal contribution portion of the total contribution needed to be increased to 75% while the corporate contribution reduced to 25%.

We urge you to make a contribution to the NYSA PAC at the Industry Leader level of $1,500. The breakdown is as follows:

  • $750 Personal Contribution – ASA portion of the NYSA PAC – “Staffing PAC”
  • $375 Corporate Contribution—NYSA PAC for STATE lobbying – “NYSA State PAC”
  • $375 Personal Contribution—NYSA PAC for NYC Lobbying – “NYSA City Council PAC”

Subtotal: $1,125 personal contribution + $375 corporate contribution = $1,500

Other levels have a similar breakdown as shown on the contribution form.

Constant vigilance is an investment we must make in keeping the business climate in New York as hospitable as possible for our industry.

Please fill out the contribution form and send your contribution today. If you cannot contribute as an Industry Leader, there are four other contribution levels. Your help is needed and so much appreciated.

Thank you.

New York Staffing Association (NYSA)

P.O. Box 518, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

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