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  • NYSA MEMBERS ONLY WEBINAR: Vaccinate NY Staffing Opportunity

NYSA MEMBERS ONLY WEBINAR: Vaccinate NY Staffing Opportunity

  • Wednesday, December 23, 2020
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom Webinar


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You are invited to an informational session on:

A NYSA Member consortium to staff the non-clinical NYS Department of Health vaccine distribution centers around the state

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for NYSA members to find good paying jobs for their displaced workers, help NY in an important way, while building back company sales hurt by the pandemic.

Background: NYSA Legal/Legislative Chair Jim Essey of TemPositions has been negotiating with the NYS Department of Health to utilize a consortium of NYSA staffing firms to staff the 75 Point of Distribution Vaccine Centers around the state. Jim’s firm will serve as the overall coordinator of the project and provide technology to be used for the receipt of the orders, capture and approval of time, invoicing and reporting all through a centralized system. The program will be organized similarly to an MSP arrangement, except that it will operate more as a cooperative with each member firm that participates indicating which regions and PODs the can staff and how many individuals they can provide. Then the system will allocate orders specifically for them, so there will be no wasted effort recruiting for positions that an other service’s candidate was chosen for instead. Jim’s firm is finalizing a master contract. All NYSA consortium members will be made third party beneficiaries under the contract through a separate “Supplier Agreement” approved by the state.

The 3,000 positions around the state are non-clinical and focused on greeting and registering participants or inventory control. Requirements are a HS diploma and two years of work experience in a customer facing role which could include host/hostess, captain, waitstaff, bartenders, tour guides, valets, retail floor workers, hotel front desk or concierge staff; receptionists or customer service agents, flight attendants, check in or gate personnel, or similar staff.

For all these positions, pay rates are set at $20 an hour for regions 1-4 and $24 per hour for regions 5-6. In addition, there will be a retention bonus for those working the life of the project who will earn an approximate one-dollar bonus per hour for every hour worked. Billing will be based on a 45% markup less a 3% management fee which results in a net 40.7% markup. In addition, the State will pay for all sick leave accrued during their work on the project (Intellistaff will track the eligible hours for sick time) as well as the State Covid-19 quarantine sick time, if required as if the time were worked. Background checks will be required with the costs reimbursed with no markup. These roles will be “straight sends” (no resume or interviews will be required.)

Timing is tight as the project is starting in late January. Interested firms will be asked to compete for a role in the consortium by submitting a Participation Questionnaire that will be discussed during the webinar, after which selected firms will be provided with onboarding details.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help your employees and your firm make a difference for NYS!

Registration Information:
This program is for NYSA Staffing Members Members Only.  There is no charge to participate, but registration is required. 

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